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Flow Wrapping Meal Kits

January 6, 2019
Posted in Blog
January 6, 2019 SleekWrapper Blog

Flow Wrapping Meal Kits

Flow wrapping multiple products at one time is a cost effective and safe solution to bundle products. We have been tasked by institutions including schools, hospitals and commissaries to deliver an automated packaging solution for meal kits (drink box, sandwich, fruit or vegetable and snack).

To accommodate the many different sizes and configurations we use our unique horizontal flow wrapper, the SleekWrapper-65 Inverted. Different from our traditional flow wrapping machines that push product using a lug / chain system while over wrapping, the Sleek-Inverted model uses a convenient conveyor bed that gently carries the product to the sealing area after it is wrapper from the bottom up. Using a conveyor provides significantly more flexibility in product configuration as there are no change parts should a specific SKU become longer or change in shape.

Don’t forget to visit a Paxiom Xperience Center to see our various flow wrapping solutions in person the next time you travel to one of our cities!

Sleek Inverted flow wrapping machine