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The SleekWrapper HSA high-speed flow wrapper with integrated product aligner is engineered to accurately load, align and wrap product according to your project specifications.

Designed with automatic acceleration, deceleration, filling and film-splicing functionality, this reliable servo-driven system is perfect for wrapping cookies, baked goods, candy, chocolates and confections while remaining easy to operate and maintain.

Standard features include a photoelectric automatic detection and servo dosing system, stainless steel frame construction, 10-inch HMI touchscreen and the ability to support a second film roll.

Package Size Sleek HSA
Width 0.6″ – 3.15″ (15mm – 80mm)
Height 0.3″ – 1.37″ (8mm – 35mm)
Length 0.6″ – 9″ (15mm – 230mm)
Speed 150 – 400 cycles per minute