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Horizontal flow wrapping and Vertical bagging

February 28, 2019
Posted in Blog
February 28, 2019 Thiru

Can’t decide between horizontal flow wrapping and vertical bagging? You don’t have to!

Sure, many of our competitors will make you choose. But with ValTara, you can have both in a single solution.

  • Vertical bagging machines allow for flexible automatic bagging into traditional pillow pouches.
  • Horizontal flow wrapping systems are ideal for efficient individual product wrapping.

Vertical baggers and horizontal flow wrapping machines both use the same form, fill, seal packaging technique in which a bag is made, product is filled into the bag, and the bag is then heat sealed.

Benefits of form, fill, seal:

  • Savings on material costs as opposed to buying pre-made bags
  • Increased efficiency compared to manual filling, eliminate human error
  • Better quality flexible packages that are more aesthetically pleasing

The Breezy Bagger™ is a compact form, fill, seal machine that has a unique pivoting function allowing operators to manually load product in either the vertical or horizontal position. The Breezy Bagger™ will automatically form a bag from pre-loaded roll stock film that adapts to the length of that particular product without the user having to manually adjust any settings or operational controls.

For several of our clients, we continue to see an increasing demand for flexible machines that accommodate a broader range of product shapes and sizes. ValTara is and will always be a company that listens its clients. Meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations is our driving force.

The Breezy Bagger™ serves as just one example of continuing ValTara innovation.

Vertical flow wrapping bagging system