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Sleek Inverted 65 with Automatic Self Adjust Flow Wrapping for E-commerce

May 26, 2021
May 26, 2021 Damien Sandoval

The high-performance SleekWrapper Inverted horizontal wrapping machine is designed with reliability, simplicity and serviceability in mind. Built for a 24/7 environment, this machine will produce up to 60 packages per minute with a maximum web width of 25.5 inches or 650mm.

The film is fed from below the product and hard-to-handle products are securely carried on top of the packaging film from the former through to the cutting head, perfect for wrapping bakery goods, pet treats, crafts, meal kits, E-commerce items and more! Enquire now – https://www.valtaratec.com/valtaratec-sales-inquiries/

♥️Learn more about our other automated packaging machines on our website at https://www.valtaratec.com.

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📕About this video:
Technology: Flow Wrapping
Model: Sleek i65, SleekWrapper inverted 65
Package Type: Flow Wrap, Case/Box
Industry: Beauty & Cosmetic, Snack Food
Product running: Ecommerce Shippers, Shipping Boxes, Personal Care Product, Shoe Boxes, Cases

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