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5 Signs You’ve Chosen the Right Flow Wrapping Machine Supplier

February 18, 2022
Posted in Blog
February 18, 2022 David Morgan

Sleek Inverted flow wrapping machine

You’ve decided you need a flow wrapper. You’ve done the research and looked at dozens of machine suppliers. But not all suppliers are created equal. So, before you sign the deal and commit your hard-earned capital, make sure you see these important signs.

1) They offered you a service plan and support after the sale.

We listed this as the first sign because it is so critical to have easy access to service and support after your machine is delivered, installed and integrated. Even if your facility has qualified technicians that you trust with your other equipment, if you chose a supplier that has options for on-site training and service packages, you made the right call. They probably also use technology that allows for online support and remote problem diagnosis. Even Better!

2) They have a long history in the packaging machine business.

You might be surprised to learn just how many packaging machine suppliers are new to the industry. Longevity is not just bragging rights. It means the supplier has a history of engineering packaging solutions across industries. It also means they likely own their facilities, have long-time employees with experience and offer a stable of innovative products. If this sounds like the supplier you’ve chosen, make sure and ask them to see all of that…in person.

3) They design and manufacture their own machines.

If the supplier you’ve chosen has been in business a while, then they probably do. But we also frequently see competitors white label a machine and call it theirs. We don’t name names, but they are easy to spot since the machines look the same and they all have different logos…in the exact same place. Another key sign you’ve chosen correctly is when your supplier has a variety of flow wrapper models. If you have a hard time deciding which flow wrapper to choose, chances are you have a supplier that has taken the time to design and built custom machines for specific results.

4) You can get delivery to your domestic and overseas facilities.

If you chose a supplier that can do both, then you know why it is so important. We have heard from clients that asked the supplier why they only deliver to one or the other and the answer seemed suspect. Answers like “we specialize in this market” or “there is just not a demand in that market” = RED FLAG! The true answer may be that they only have rights to sell that machine in that market because they don’t make it and can’t control where it is delivered. Or maybe they have regulatory issues or a lack of import/export experience. All could be an indication of a larger problem. Even if you only need your machine delivered to one location, signing on with a supplier that has experience delivering packaging machine solutions around the world ensures it will get there safely, on time and ready to be quickly commissioned.

5) You asked for a customized option and the answer was “sure, we can do that.”

We can only hope you signed with this supplier right away. This is a sure sign that they have a team of designers and engineers on-site allowing them to constantly innovate. We’re not saying all suppliers need to deliver on every demand. Some options are just not possible. But if you ask them to run it past their engineering team or their R&D folks and all you get is silence; then not only do they lack the desire to help you find an innovative solution, but it’s likely they’re not designing, engineering and building their own machines. Proactive suppliers are driven to innovate and are motivated by what is next on the horizon.

So, what now?

Well, if you feel good that you have seen these signs, then there is a good chance you have the right flow wrapping machine supplier for your business. These aren’t all the indicators you need to look for, but they are among some of the most important indications that your chosen packaging machine supplier will deliver what you need.

We encourage you to decide the signs you want to see and the red flags you don’t. And make a list of questions to ask them upfront so you can be sure you see your signs and red flags clearly. Then compile a list of the suppliers you want to do business with before you talk money.

We feel confident that we will come out on top when you ask us your questions and see how we can innovate and respond to your needs. And while we can only speak for ourselves, we don’t mind you doing a little comparative shopping to make sure you believe that too. We want you to be happy with your choice.

We have a long history of providing innovative flow wrappers built by our employees in manufacturing facilities that we own. The packaging machines that carry our name were conceived, designed and built by our people in our plants and we’re proud to have delivered our solutions to many leading operators around the world.

Whether you need to flow wrap 100 packages per minute with our SleekWrapper 40 or over 250 packages per minute with our SleekWrapper HSA high-speed flow wrapper, we are confident in our abilities, and we are ready to be your partner. There is a reason why so many operators have trusted us with their food, medical, component-related products.

When you’re ready, reach out and ask us all your questions. We’re happy to answer.