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Why Buy a Flow Wrapping Machine?

March 23, 2022
Posted in Blog
March 23, 2022 David Morgan

Flow wrapping machines are a popular choice across industries. Their versatile construction offers the ability to wrap items of different shapes from square and rectangle product to oval, conical and cylindrical product. Models are available to wrap products that range from small candies up to larger retail boxes.flow wrapping machine

This versatility is the primary reason for buying a flow wrapper. Film changeover and conveyor adjustment are typically easy and improved software and human-machine interfaces allow you to store several product configurations so you can quickly change between them, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime. Leading operators from industries such as bakery, home goods, pet treats, snack foods, fresh produce, confectionery, meat and cheese have all purchased flow wrappers for their products.

Other top reasons for buying a flow wrapper include:

  1. Save resources, time & space – Operators can immediately save labor resources and time with a flow wrapper compared to manual wrapping processes, and the space-saving is two-fold. Not only do you typically increase facility space when you add a flow wrapper over a line of employees manually packaging your product, but a wrapped product can also reduce the amount of packaging you need on hand, saving you storage space, shipping space and helping you maximize your available retail shelf space.
  2. Reliably high production rates – Known for being a higher-speed alternative to traditional bagging machines, flow wrap packaging machines can produce up to 250 packages per minute. This type of automated technology can also allow you to respond to demand for a specific product line or to quickly produce a limited-edition product for special occasions.
  3. Reduce waste – Automation will reduce the amount of packaging material you need since there is less margin for error over manual processes. A wrapped product creates less end-user waste as well and recyclable film will cost less than recyclable boxes and bags. When compared to other packaging machines for larger corrugates or bags, flow wrapping machines use less energy to operate. One commonly overlooked advantage is a reduction in product damage. A wrapped product can limit product movement during transport, reducing waste from returns and write-offs.
  4. Better product protection – Automation of the flow wrapping process can reduce product contamination from manual product handling. This same process naturally increases shelf-life by sealing it against intrusion from air, moisture and dust. This can be particularly beneficial when packaging foods, snacks, baked goods and produce.
  5. Improve product presentation – Standing out among your competitors is important. Initial product awareness is sometimes the result of simply standing out on the shelf. Consistent packaging design and appearance can also help maintain brand loyalty. And while packaging design is important, sometimes your product needs to speak for itself. A flow wrapping machine makes quick, efficient use of transparent film so your product takes center stage.

Sleek HSA high speed flow wrapping machine with product alignment

Your Next Move.

If you’re manually wrapping your product now or just not realizing these benefits with your current flow wrapper, we can help. Our roots in this industry run deep and we can work with you to find a solution that fits your desired production rate, facility layout and budget.

Visit us online to see our line of SleekWrapper flow wrapping machines. We can accommodate production rates up to 250 packages per minute if you need it. Or if an entry-level wrapper better suits your business plan, we have you covered there too.

Reach out today and let’s get started on your flow wrapping solution.