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Spring Meadows Testimonial on their Fresh Extruded Pet Food Flow Wrapping Machine

May 16, 2022
May 16, 2022 Damien Sandoval

Watch how Spring Meadows Natural Pet Food matches high-quality packaging technology with its high-quality raw cat food.

They invested in a Sleek Wrapper i65 and have found this extremely easy-to-use flow wrapping machine has enabled them to package their fresh pet food efficiently and succeed in the retail market as one of the fastest-growing raw pet food businesses in Canada.

♥️Learn more about our other automated packaging machines on our website at https://www.valtaratec.com.

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📕About this video:
Technology: Flow Wrapping
Model: Sleek i65, SleekWrapper Inverted 65
Package Type: Flow wrap
Industry: Pet Food, Meat & Poultry
Product running: Fresh extruded Cat Food, Raw Pet Food, Patties

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