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PKR Scara Pick & Place Robot Cell for Fast Feeding & Sorting

November 13, 2023
November 13, 2023 Damien Sandoval

Experience rapid and precise robotic pick-and-place product feeding and sorting with the PKR Scara Robot Cell!

It is equipped to handle a wide range of loading tasks with ease, ensuring adaptability to diverse needs and it can be seamlessly integrated into various packaging processes for a customized solution.

✅ Compact Design: Maximize your floor space with the PKR Scara Robot’s sleek and space-saving design, perfect for optimizing tight production environments.

✅ 180° Rotation: Experience unparalleled flexibility with a full 180-degree rotation capability, allowing the robot to reach and handle items from any angle.

🖥️ Large Color Touch Screen: Intuitive control at your fingertips! Navigate and program with ease using the large, user-friendly color touch screen for seamless operation.

Integrate this robotic solution into your existing workflow for a streamlined and efficient production or packaging line!

About this video:
Technology: Robotics, Wrapping
Model: PKR Scara
Package Type: Flow Wrap

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