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Aside from sharing similar features as our horizontal flow packing machines. Our SleekWrapper series are also constructed to be auto wrappers.

Designed to flow pack a wide variety of products including chocolate, cookies, granola bars, healthcare items, home goods, pharmaceuticals, confections, hardware, fruits, and vegetables, we are very proud to present our SleekWrapper series.

Our SleekWrapper machines are crafted with the highest quality materials and feature outstanding attributes that an auto wrapper machine should have. Our entry-level auto wrapper, the Sleek 40 that can produce 100 packages per minute with a maximum package width of 15.5 inches in width x 3 inches height x 15.5 inches web width.

Standard features include: stainless steel farame, user-friendly color touch screen,  and rotary seal jaws.  This model offers options like film registration, date coders, gusset, and extended in-feed.

Auto Wrapper

Next, we have the Sleek 45 auto wrapper that is capable of flow packing up to 100 packages per minute. In addition, a maximum package width of 7.85 inches wide,  4.7 inches long, and 18 inches web width. It also uses 4 servo drive motors providing reliability and easy usage to every customer that we have.

Options are the same set as those with Sleek 40. You can also opt to have 1-up jaw or the 2-up jaw version. Each of which varies (based on the bag length).

Third, is our SleekWrapper 65 auto wrapper designed to last in harsh situations and can even operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is operated by 5 servo motors for quick and easy changover and adjustment.

It is built to supply as many as 200 packages in a minute. Packages measure up to 11.8 inches wide, 4.7 inches long, and 25.6 inches web width. Moreover, the Sleek 65 is available with film registration, data coders, 2nd reel holder, and gusset. Along with, no product/no bag, no gap/no seal, long dwell version, and automatic film splice. Some of these options are unique to the Sleek 65 and not offered in the other models (Sleek 45 and Sleek 40).

To wrap up, we have our SleekWrapper Inverted that also uses 5 servo motors for an easier, more convenient changover. Moreover, much better than the other models. It has the same optional features as the Sleek 65 in addition to one new option called the “MAP Gas flush”. This new feature eliminates unnecessary oxygen from the package.