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In SleekWrapper, we offer automatic wrapping solutions all designed to live up to the specific needs of our customers. We have five products for these solutions, 4 automatic flow wrapping machines from the SleekWrapper brand and one from the BrezzyBagger.

However, this time we will only be discussing certain chocolate bar wrapping machine systems for a specific food product, chocolate bars or chocolates in general.
First off, we have our SleekWrapper 40 horizontal wrapping machine that can smoothly produce 100 packages per minute given a maximum web width of 15.5 inches.

The economical Sleek 40 uses 4 servo motors which bring about a lot of benefits to the user. Any machine with a servo-driven technology is said to surely grant reliability, simplicity, and serviceability, which our SleekWrapper 40 exactly does without fail.
Its 4 servo motors allow quick and easy changeover and adjustment. Not only that, it also reduces product and film waste during production and yields to low maintenance costs.

Servo drives are there to ensure accurate positioning and smooth acceleration – deceleration.
We have also provided standard features including pre-programmed and stored product set up, stainless steel frame construction, user-friendly color touchscreen HMI, auto open/close rotary fin wheel assembly and rotary seal jaws with jam detecting logic.


Our second chocolate wrapping machine is the SleekWrapper 45. Similar to the Sleek 40, it utilizes servo 4 motors and offers the same set of benefits.

But this time around, our Sleek 45 has the upper hand with its ability to produce 150 packages per minute with a maximum web width of 18 inches, and its prowess in running for 24/7.

As for the standard features, again, both machines possess the exact features. However, aside from packaging chocolates, Sleek Wrapper also serve to other food products like cookies, granola bars, confections, fruits, and vegetables, and even extend to non-edible products including healthcare items, home goods, pharmaceuticals, and hardware.

If you want to see our Sleek 40 and Sleek 50 in action, feel free to browse in the video library found on our official website. We have posted there a short overview of the performance of our Sleek 40 and 50 flow wrapping individual chocolates, chocolate squares and baked goods.