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Cookie Wrapping Machine

The SleekWrapper brand of automatic flow wrapping machines are all built to last long and are engineered for high performance. From flow wrapping and packing products, we offer a solution for every application. We package a diverse variety of products including, cookies, baked goods, chocolate bars, confections, vegetables, medical items, and many more. For this article, we will be focusing on our cookie wrapping machines. We have three of those from our very own SleekWrapper, and these are the following;

SleekWrapper 40
SleekWrapper 45
Breezy Bagger

First off, we have the SleekWrapper 40, our entry-level wrapping machine that is ideal for not only packaging cookies. It is also ideal for waffles, crackers, and other baked foods. This flow wrapping machine can produce up to 100 packages of cookies in just a minute’s time coupled with a maximum web width of 15.5”. It is built with a stainless steel frame construction and has a simple design for a smoother and easier set-up, operation, and maintenance. This economical machine offers its users quick changeover and adjustment. It is also operated by four servo drives for a clear-cut product positioning and smooth acceleration and deceleration. Sleek 40 includes standard features such as stainless steel frame construction, belt driven infeed conveyor with snap-in pushers. Even more features are cantilevered single film holder, color touch screen, pre-programmable controls and PID temperature control.


The second cookie wrapping machine is our SleekWrapper 45 with its packaging capacity of up to 150 packages per minute with a maximum web width of 18”. This machine is a bit advanced compared to our Sleek 40 since it is built for 24/7 environment. Similar to Sleek 40, it also has four servo motors for a quick and easy changeover and adjustment and as well reduction of product and film waste. Aside from cookies, our Sleek 45 can also package other products. These include granola bars, home goods, hardware, fruits, healthcare items and more. Some of its features include stainless steel frame construction, belt driven, 6 feet infeed conveyor with snap-in pushers and cantilevered self-cantering film holder. It also features color touch screen, pre-programmable controls and HMI Integrated temperature control.

Finally, we have the unique Breezy Bagger machine with its dual-function of being a vertical and horizontal wrapper at once. This versatile machine can create a finished bag with maximum dimensions of 10 inches wide and 36 inches long. Designed to package products in different types and shapes into laminated pouches, the Breezy Bagger is easy to use and flexible. Its standard features are Omron PLC, foot pedal for manual use, and auto-air regulator, filter, and lubricator.