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With over 25 years in business, we guarantee you that our flow pack machine models are constructed from the best materials possible. This along with smart design and outstanding quality. We have five flow pack machines, four of which come from the same product line one from a different line and these machines are;

SleekWrapper 40

SleekWrapper 45

SleekWrapper 65

SleekWrapper Inverted

Breezy Bagger

The budget-friendly Sleek40 is ideal for small business owners that will offer them the quickest changeover and adjustment possible. It is made with servo technology producing accurate positioning and smooth acceleration and deceleration. With its simple design, this flow pack machine is easy to set-up, operate, and maintain.

In addition, the Sleek40 can produce a maximum of 100 packages in just a minute with a maximum web width of 15.5”.


Moving forward, we have our Sleek45, an upgraded version of the Sleek40 that can produce up to 150 packages per minute with a maximum web width of 18”. This high performing horizontal flow pack machine is also built to withstand 24/7 environment. Designed to also create quick and easy changeover and adjustment. Sleek 45 is fully driven by 4 servo motors and has 6 ft. infeed conveyor with snap-in pushers.

Furthermore, is the Sleek65 horizontal wrapping machine that is meant for heavy work applications. Hence, its 5 servo motors and robust stainless steel frame construction. It is designed with reliability, simplicity, and serviceability that can create up to 200 packages per minute. All that and a maximum web width of 25.6″, built for a 24/7 usage environment.

The last and fourth model from SleekWrapper family of horizontal flow pack machine is the Sleek Inverted that can produce up to 100 packages per minute with a maximum web width of 19.6”. It uses 5 servo motors allowing quick and easy changeover and adjustment. One of its features that makes it different from the other Sleek models. Its belted or lugged Infeed conveyor with snap-in pushers for fast changeovers

Finally, we have the unique Breezy Bagger that operates as both a vertical and horizontal wrapper by a simple turn of a wheel. It is built to produce a finished bag up to 10 inches wide and up to 36 inches long. Therefore, It can package a wide variety of products in many sizes and shapes. Lastly, it is designed to pack fragile and inconsistent types of products.