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Our company has a total of five horizontal flow packaging machines, however, this time, we will be focusing on just one product line of flow wrapping machines, and this is the SleekWrapper brand of flow wrappers.

The SleekWrapper is designed for ease of use, reliability, and flexibility. Available in several models, the servo-driven SleekWrapper fits every budget and production requirement. All four offer the same forefront benefits such as precise positioning, smooth acceleration, and deceleration. They also operate on a large selection of materials like polypropylene, microperf, multilayer laminated, co-extruded, foil films, and more.

Our SleekWrapper models are the following;

SleekWrapper 40
SleekWrapper 45
SleekWrapper 65
SleekWrapper Inverted

Packaging machine

Starting with our affordable yet high-quality flow packaging machine. The Sleek 40 with its stainless steel finish and design to produce up to 100 packages in just one minute. This horizontal wrapping machine uses 4 servo motors that make quick and easy changeover and adjustment possible. Standard features include pre-programmed of up to 100 recipes, color touchscreen HMI. And auto open/close rotary fin wheel assembly and rotary seal jaws with jam detecting logic.

Next is the automatic flow wrapping machine, the Sleek 45 that has 4 servo motors allowing quick and easy changeover and adjustment. It can produce as many as 150 packages per minute. Built with quality components, this packaging machine can last in 24/7 environment. As for the standard features, it has almost the same set of features as the Sleek 40.

Aside from the quick and easy changeover, our SleekWrappers are also capable of reducing product and film waste and offers low maintenance costs.The same case goes to the third flow packaging,the Sleek 65 that is designed for heavy-duty applications with its production rate of 200 packages per minute. It has the same standard features with Sleek 40 and 45 aside from just one different feature, a powered film unwind driven by 5 servo motors.

Then we have our last Sleek model, the Sleek Inverted. With 5 servo motors produce up to 100 packages per minute and is equipped .This one is specifically engineered to operate on certain types of products like the soft or sticky ones, multipacks and other difficult to handle products. It also has similar standard features with Sleek 40, 45 and 65, the only notable difference is its pre-programmable controls for up to 120 recipes, instead of 100.