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Recognized as a global leading manufacturer of automatic weighing, filling, bagging, wrapping and conveying of food products, we, at the SleekWrapper Company, is proud to introduce to you our family of flow wrap machines manufactured all the way from Italy. Our flow wrap machines are as follows;

SleekWrapper 40
SleekWrapper 45
SleekWrapper 65
SleekWrapper Inverted
Breezy Bagger

With a productions speed of up to 100 packages per minute and a minute maximum web width of 15.5″.our budget-friendly Sleek 40 is a servo-driven flow wrapping machine that is perfect for small business owners with small production demands.

It is operated by4 servo motors to assure precise positioning of the produces and smooth acceleration and deceleration. Sleek 40 is capable of wrapping. Its maximum package width and length are 7”W and 24”L.

Second is the high-performing and high-speed Sleek 45 that  can produce up to 150  packages per  minute  maximum  web width of 18” and maximum package size  of 7.85”W x 24”L. This servo-driven  machine  is built  with a stainless steel frame construction  and guarantees to  last any 24/7 environment. In addition, with the use of 4 servo motors, quick and easy changeover and adjustment are made possible.

For larger items and products, we have our heavy-duty and robust  Sleek 65 with  its impressive production rate of as many as 200 packages per minute given a maximum web width of 25.6″ and maximum package size of 11.8”W x 24”L. Most noteworthy,  is that the Sleek 65 uses 5 servo motors and is built for 24/7 environment.

Fourth is the Sleek Inverted that can produce up to 100 packages per minute. Along with  a maximum web width of 19.6” and maximum package size of  9”W and 24”L. This flow wrapper is specifically designed to handle difficult to handle products. As a result, this is the reason why a secured top seal is provided for such purpose. Sleek Inverted is also perfect for soft, sticky products and multipacks.


All our SleekWrapper brand of flow wrapper machines are designed with reliability, simplicity,  and serviceability.  Consequently, they are capable of running materials including polypropylene, microperf, multilayer laminated, co-extruded, foil films.  As a result, their standard features include pre-programmed and stored  product set up.  stainless steel frame construction, user-friendly color  touchscreen HMI,  auto open/close rotary  fin wheel assembly  and rotary seal jaws with jam detecting logic.

Finally, we have the subtle but unique Breezy Bagger that operates as both a horizontal flow wrapper and a vertical bagger. This compact bagger features a unique length detection sensor. Therefore, it is known to save materials costs on the user’s end.