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Flow Wrap Packaging

Being a distinguished supplier of premier quality and high performing automatic flow wrap packaging machines comes with a great responsibility.

Taking extensive measures in ensuring that our products are equipped with the best materials and qualities. It will bring great experience to our customers.

We take absolute pride in offering our customers solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our family of flow wrapping machines do not just simply pack your products, but also produce a pleasant-looking package that will surely add value to your products.

Our machines are manufactured in stainless steel and feature heavy-duty construction. Also, Servo drives to survive practically any harsh environment, while at the same time produce consistent, excellent results.

Flow Wrap Packaging

We promote quality assurance to our customers and promise to continue improving in whatever means possible. In order to ensure that our flow wrapping systems meet or exceed your expectations. To give you a detailed overview of our company and our flow wrap packaging machines, let us first understand what and how flow wrapping works.

Furthermore, flow wrapping is a horizontal packaging process that involves a product entering the machinery. The product will be wrapped in clear or printed film and will result to a tightly fitted flexible package. A horizontal back seal and top/bottom vertical seal after the process.

Moreover,  flow packing cookies, chocolate bars, confections and vegetables to wrapping soap bars, coffee pods, medical items and hardware. We have a solution for every application. Our product line includes two different brands, the SleekWrapper series and the Breezy Bagger. The SleekWrapper series includes the starter or entry-level flow packing machine like the Sleek 40.

In addition, we also have Sleek 45 and Sleek 60 for a more advanced and upgraded versions of the Sleek 40. It is ideal for applications that require high speed, high production rate and heavy-duty performance.

Finally, we have our most versatile packing machine, the Breezy Bagger for manual loading that is specifically designed to combine horizontal flow wrapping and vertical bagging in one compact machine. There’s no other machinery on the market that offers the extreme flexibility and unique pivoting feature that our Breezy Bagger does.