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Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Our horizontal flow wrappers come from the SleekWrapper brand itself which consists of four horizontal flow wrapping machines, and these are SleekWrapper 40, SleekWrapper 45, SleekWrapper 65, and SleekWrapper Inverted. All SleekWrapper models aim to provide reliability, simplicity, and serviceability to its users. They share the same benefits such as easy and fast changeover and adjustment, the ability to reduce product and film waste, and even offers low maintenance costs.

SleekWrapper machines

Operated by servo motors, our SleekWrapper machines promise to offer accurate positioning and smooth acceleration and deceleration. Moreover, they run on the same set of film types including polypropylene, microperf, multilayer laminated, co-extruded, foil films, and more. Lastly, they share common standard features such as pre-programmed and stored product set up, stainless steel frame construction, user-friendly colortouch screen  HMI,  auto  open/close  rotary fin wheel assembly and rotary seal jaws with jam detecting logic.

That being said, our four horizontal flow wrappers differ greatly in their production speeds.

Sleek 40– 100 packages per minute
Sleek 45– 150 packages per minute
Sleek 65– 200 packages per minute
Sleek Inverted– 100 packages per minute

The Sleek 40 is much affordable compared to others and is suitable for  small business owners. If you’re looking for horizontal flow wrappers  that excel in performance, we have the Sleek 45 and 65 that are built for 24/7 environments. Whereas Sleek 45 has 4 motors, Sleek 65. On the other hand, has 5 servo motors and has the upper hand when it comes to speed. But it all  comes down to one thing. All three—Sleek 40, 45 and 60— basically packages the same variety of products. Such  as  chocolate, cookies, granola bars, healthcare items, home goods, pharmaceuticals, confections, hardware, fruits, vegetables and much more.

Sleek Inverted

However, Sleek Inverted is another subject. It has the same speed as the Sleek 40 with only 100 packages per minute. It also uses 5 servo motors like the Sleek 65. The Sleek Inverted differs from the three previous models because  it is specifically built to wrap certain types of products.Like those with soft or sticky textures, multipacks . The likes,  and other products that are difficult to push with the lug chain design. Which is why a top seal is added to the machine that will securely handle those items.

For Sleek 65 and Sleek Inverted, take note that should you want to have a wider scope of the package width. It will be entirely possible since we can have the machine configured for wider dimensions that will best suit your production needs.