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Horizontal Flow Wrappers

SleekWrapper offers the SleekWrapper and Breezy Bagger as our two brands of horizontal flow wrappers as part of our lineup;

Sleek 40
Sleek 45
Next is the Sleek 60
Sleek Inverted
Breezy Bagger


In order for us to get a clearer picture of our flow wrapper systems, lets do a comparison of the five machines to see their similarities and how they differ from each other. First, we have the Sleek 40 that is engineered with 4 servo motors, offering reliability, simplicity, and serviceability to its users. It can supply as many as 100 packages for a single minute and is capable of wrapping a package with a maximum web width of 15.5″ or 400mm. Servo drive technology is well known for the accurate positioning of the product along with smooth acceleration and deceleration.

Second, is the Sleek 45, another servo driven horizontal wrapping machine that has 4 servo motors for simple, fast changeover and adjustment. It produces 150 packages per minute with a maximum web width of 18” or 450mm.

Next is the Sleek 65 that has 5 servo motors that can produce as much as 200 packages in a minute. Therefore, it is designed to withstand the toughest environments even for a whole day and night.

We also have Sleek Inverted that is perfect for packing soft or sticky products, and other products that are hard to push with lug chain. It can produce 100 packages per minute with a package width of 19.6” or 500mm.

What Do They Have in Common?

The common features of our SleekWrapper series include pre-programmed and stored product set up, stainless steel frame construction, user friendly color touch screen HMI, auto open/close rotary fin wheel assembly and rotary seal jaws with jam detecting logic.

Then lastly, is the Breezy Bagger, the only machine in the market to ever combine horizontal flow wrapping and vertical bagging into one compact machine. Its pivoting feature can be used for automatic bagging, product loading, and over wrapping.

Finally, all of our five horizontal flow wrappers provide the same ease of use and reliability. In addition, product and film waste reduction and low maintenance costs. They can effectively package a wide range of products. Especially relevant, from flow packing food products (cookies, chocolate bars, vegetable) to wrapping soap bars, medical items and hardware.