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Horizontal Wrapping Machine

Interested in a horizontal wrapping machine? SleekWrapper is widely noted for its brand of automatic flow wrapping machinery. All our flow wrapping machines undergo a horizontal packaging process wherein a product enters the machine and is wrapped in a clear or printed film. The finished product will have a look at a firmly fitted flexible package accompanied with a horizontal back seal and top or bottom vertical seal. We offer four flow wrapping machines specifically designed for horizontal packaging from entry-level machines to high-speed models that can package a wide variety of products including chocolate, cookies, granola bars, healthcare items, home goods, pharmaceuticals, confections, hardware, fruits, vegetables and much more.


First up is SleekWrapper 40

– up to 100 packages per minute with a maximum web width of 15.5″ or 400mm

Next up is SleekWrapper 45

– up to 150 packages per minute with a maximum web width of 18” or 450mm

SleekWrapper 65

– up to 200 packages per minute with a maximum web width of 25.6″ or 650mm

SleekWrapper Inverted

– up to 100 packages per minute with a maximum web width of 19.6” or 500mm.

Our SleekWrapper family of horizontal wrapping machines has some similar features. First off, they are all designed for ease of use, reliability, and flexibility. Second, they are equipped with servo drive technology—whether it’s 4 or 5 servo motors—allowing a quick and easy changeover and adjustment, reduction of product and film waste, and yielding low maintenance costs. Not only that but servo drives also promises precise positioning, smooth acceleration to deceleration.


Another common characteristic is the simple product changeover thanks to their belted infeed or dual lug position infeed conveyors. Using eye-mark sensing technology, our horizontal flow wrapping machines are capable of producing quality wrapping creating attractive finished products. These machines are also made of stainless steel construction for longevity. The SleekWrapper runs a wide variety of materials including polypropylene, microperf, multilayer laminated, co-extruded, foil films, and more.  Finally, they share common standard features including pre-programmed and stored product set up,  stainless steel frame construction, user-friendly color touchscreen HMI, auto open/close rotary fin wheel assembly and rotary seal jaws with jam detecting logic.

The SleekWrapper Inverted

While SleekWrapper 40, SleekWrapper 45 and SleekWrapper 65 have pretty much similar functions and purpose. The SleekWrapper Inverted, on the other hand, is quite different from those three. The inverted horizontal wrapping machine is specifically designed for wrapping certain types of products such as soft or sticky products. Such as multipacks, and other hard to handle products that require careful handling. It features a top seal to securely carry the products on top of the packing film from the former through the cutting head.