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Vegetable Wrapping Machine

SleekWrapper is a globally known supplier of automatic flow wrapping machines that can cater to a wide variety of products. Vegetables, for one, is one of its product coverage along with cookies, chocolate bars, soap bars, coffee pods, and so much more. Our vegetable wrapping machine product line includes all or our flow wrapping machines up to our versatile machine. These four flow wrapping machines of ours share the same standard features like pre-programmed and stored product set up. In addition, stainless steel frame construction, user-friendly color touchscreen HMI, auto open/close rotary fin wheel assembly and rotary seal jaws with jam detecting logic.


First, we have our starter machine, the SleekWrapper 40, a servo-driven horizontal vegetable wrapping machine that offers reliability, simplicity, and serviceability to its users. This wrapping machine can produce as many as 100 packages in one minute. With its 4 servo motors, changeover and adjustments are made quicker and easier.

Second is the high-performing SleekWrapper 45 producing up to 150 packages per minute and offers the same reliability, simplicity, and serviceability with that of the Sleek 40.  Although this time, it is built for a 24/7 operating environment. It also has 4 servo motors for smoother changeover and adjustments. This allows you to spend less on maintenance costs.

Next is the SleekWrapper 65 identified for its heavy-duty application purpose and its ability to produce up to 200 packages in a single minute. Sleek 65 is designed for a vigorous and 24/7 environment. Unlike the previous two models, this one uses 5 servo motors allowing a much quicker and easier changeover and adjustment. And an even more precise positioning, smooth acceleration to deceleration.


For the fourth and last line of the Sleek family, we have the high-performance SleekWrapper Inverted flow, vegetable wrapping machine. It is designed with reliability, simplicity, and serviceability to produce up to 100 packages per minute. It has 5 servo motors and offers the same advantages as that of Sleek 65. The one thing that makes Sleek Inverted different from the other models is that it is specifically made for soft or sticky products. These include multipacks, and other products which are difficult to push with the lug chain design.

Finally, we have the Breezy Bagger. It’s the only product outside our SleekWrapper family of automatic flow wrapping machines. Hence, since this machine is a combination of horizontal flow wrapping and vertical bagging. The Breezy Bagger is ideal for packaging vegetables with its unique pivoting feature that can be used for many applications. Aside from this feature, it also includes length detection sensors and operational logic for an efficient bag-making process.