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With our commitment to provide the highest quality of products at reasonable price, SleekWrapper’s food wrapping machine lineup are all made with stainless steel, led with servo drive technology, and designed to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Overall, we have five products, four of which come from the same family line of SleekWrapper flow packing machines, and one that is a bit distinct from the others. Our products are engineered to cater entry-level users to advanced users. These flow wrapping machines are capable of wrapping a wide variety of products including cookies, chocolate bars, confections, vegetables, soap bars, coffee pods, medical items, and hardware.


Our SleekWrapper food wrapping machine lineup runs a wide variety of materials. These include: polypropylene, microperf, multilayer, coextruded, foil films, and more. They are also equipped with eye-mark sensing technology to promote quality wrapping.

SleekWrapper 40

This cost-effective food wrapping machine offers the quickest change-over and adjustment possible. With its four servo motors, accurate positioning and smooth acceleration and deceleration can be guaranteed. Thanks to its simple design and structure, SleekWrapper 40 is very easy to set-up. It is also easy to operate, and maintain making it perfect for entry-level users. Some of its standard features include infeed conveyor with snap-in pushers. Along with cantilevered single film holder, PID temperature control, and rotary seal jaws.

SleekWrapper 45

Built for 24/7 environment, this high-performance SleekWrapper 45 food wrapping machine is designed with reliability, simplicity, and serviceability producing up to 150 packages per minute. It utilizes four servo motors for quick and easy changeover and adjustment. Its standard features include 6 feet infeed conveyor, cantilevered self-cantering film holder, belt-driven, color touchscreen, and more.

SleekWrapper 65

Most notably, its ability to produce as many as 200 packages in one minute, it’s no wonder that SleekWrapper 65 is designed for heavy work and 24/7 environment. It has five servo motors for precise positioning and easier and quicker changeover and adjustment. Sleek 65 includes standard features such as powered film unwind, HMI integrated temperature control, automatic opening of hot pinwheels, automatic synchronization of crimper, and so much more.

SleekWrapper Inverted

Consequently, the unique member of the SleekWrapper product line of flow wrapping machines, our lineup includes the high-performance SleekWrapper Inverted. As a result, this machine is capable of producing up to 100 packages per minute. It is engineered for wrapping hard to handle products such as soft or sticky products. In addition, multipacks and other products that are hard to push with the lug chain design.

Breezy Bagger

Lastly, is the Breezy Bagger Vertical and Horizontal Wrapper. Engineered to produce a finished bag with up to 10 inches wide and up to 36 inches long. This versatile bagger can package a long list of products in various shapes and sizes. It features an auto-detect sensor that automatically detects the product length and seals accordingly. In conclusion, SleekWrapper flow wrapping machines, Breezy Bagger also uses servo motors for fast and accurate product adjustment.